What can I buy with Bitcoin?

pizza-squareThis is my official, first-person review of the website PizzaForCoins.com, which allows you to buy pizza with Bitcoin from the three largest pizza chains worldwide, instead of using paper currency btc e visa electron

The thoughts and views expressed here are not necessarily shared by CryptoCoinsNews.com and are the opinions of the author, Evander Smart, alone.

Being a old boy from Brooklyn, NY, and therefore having ordered, I don’t know, a couple of thousand pizzas in my day, I think I’m a fair judge of how a pizza order should go down. From start to finish, I’m nothing if not experienced in the art, and now science, of the pizza order! On Sundays, I don’t shave, I watch football, and I eat pizza. Beautiful Sunday! Or was it?

Buy pizza with Bitcoin? What a country!

People all of the time ask me “Where can I buy things with Bitcoins?” or “What can I buy with Bitcoins?”. So this review helps answer that burning question. This website services the top three commercial pizza companies in the U.S., and most likely the world, and affords Bitcoin owners the ability to buy from them, indirectly. Pizza Hut (the brand I prefer and used in this example), Domino’s and Papa Johns are available on PizzaForCoins.com.Pizzaforcoins the U.S., the U.K., and Austalia, but the U.K. option is disabled and has been for months, with some issue “on the backend”. Canada is listed as “Coming soon”.

The interface is very user-friendly and allows you to order their menu easily. From pizza to wings, to cookies, to the 2-liter drinks, everything is easy to find. When you order a pizza, you get drop-down menus to build your pizza the way you want, and the amount in BTC is listed next to each addition. Very well done. One key limitation is Pizza Hut does not allow the use of this service for carryout, only delivered orders. My Pizza Hut locally is notoriously slow and doesn’t have enough drivers, as they’re always advertising for new drivers. This came up as an issue later on.

The pricing is better than it initially appears. It is not listed how they make a profit or what their margins are up-front. And the delivery, which is undesirable in my area, is an extra charge of 0.006 BTC (about $2.25 USD at the time). A large hand-tossed pizza with extra cheese, pepperoni and Italian sausage cost 0.05070 BTC, or $19.35 in USD. If you ordered directly from the website, it would’ve been $15.14, with the option to pick-up at the store, the best way to go in my case. I figured I would call after the order was officially placed, and tell them I’d like to pick up the pizza instead. Little did I know this would be like asking a politician to take a polygraph test.

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